De Raad voor Cultuur is het wettelijke adviesorgaan van de regering en het parlement op het terrein van kunst, cultuur en media. De raad is onafhankelijk en adviseert, gevraagd en ongevraagd, over actuele beleidskwesties en subsidieaanvragen.

Council for Culture

The Council for Culture is a body established by law to advise the Dutch Government and Parliament on the arts, culture and media. The Council provides recommendations regarding the cultural policy in the Netherlands, whether it is requested of them or not. Usually, the Council provides a recommendation at the request of the Minister of the OCW (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). Every four years, the Council presents its recommendations on the perennial, government-subsidised, cultural institutions. The recommendation is not binding; the Minister has the final decision about which institutes are eligible for subsidy. 

Another important recommendation is the Pre-recommendation in which the Council outlines the cultural policy. See Agenda Culture 2017 - 2020 en verder (April 2015) 

The Council for Culture is made up of eight members. They all come from the cultural sector, media and the sciences. The members are selected on the basis of their broad expertise in the field of cultural policy. They are elected every four years, at the recommendation of an independent nominations committee.

The Council has set up committees for various cultural domains. The committees are responsible for the preparation of recommendations regarding domain-specific subjects. They also follow the government-subsidised cultural institutes and prepare the recommendations regarding the subsidisation of these institutes. Every committee has its own secretary. After public recruitment, the Council selects the committee members on the basis of their expertise in a certain domain or in a particular focus area.

The Minister or the State Secretary of the OCW (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) appoints the committee members on the nomination of the Council for a term of four years.  For specific subjects the Council can also make use of external consultants.

The Secretariat
The Secretariat is the official support for the Council and the committees. At the head of the Secretariat is the general secretary.